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[Member] noahpass99liek if you cri eevrytiem
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KfishproductionThere was a giant ring of furnaces around the crafting table tower... Now all we need is agiant ring of chest, a giant ring of enchanting tables, and a giant ring of brewing stands and we are all done :3
kamilove5   Lol
[Admin] BossRoss79   Furnace tower is mine :sick:
[Admin] BossRoss79   and we also need anvils hoppers dispensers and droppers :sick:
Kfishproductionkfishs automatic potatoshop is always open :3 and kamis potato shack is not >:3
Demonfangdude|Cheap clandoes this server still uses teamspeak 3
Codykillzone   It can
tehepicgamerkidYayyyyy! First peep to comment gets free speedart!
kamilove5   uuuuh comment?
dirtbikeninja   comment
[Member] noahpass99Yep
Well this just happened on The Simpsons
A clip from this years The Simpsons Halloween special You ca...
kamilove5Hi nib it's not done but I got most of my sketch done also #melons :sick:
kamilove5   Also I use most of the sketch to just reference your skin patterns and or colors :sick:
Solid_Snake3   Dayum, that's good. But still, you probably want to use a thicker brush to draw the outlines of the character. Gives it a more cartoony look.
kamilove5   I do that on different art projects not on speed arts cause its not that long because I don't include the sketch being drawn so I need something for my friends to watch :sick:
kirbyloganifySO FUNNY!!!! plus you might guess what channel am i on
Wild kratts funny video
koki jump yiping all rights goes to the kratt brothers
[Member] noahpass99   no
Sad_Larry97 tag  ga
Kfishproduction   no
KfishproductionLefish crafting table tower is reach over the clouds. Also there used to be a forest next to it
[Member] CrafterNB   created a new thread Suggestion in the Suggestions forum
Kfishproductionthis is serious, stop stealing all the crafting tables from antikfish and especially my room, as shown here. - kfish
kamilove5   lol #importantpost
[Member] noahpass99
If Five Nights At Freddy's Was Real (Animation)
What if Five Nights At Freddy's was set in our world? FIVE N...
[Member] Bigcat10101010$W@G
kamilove5Here u go Life if ur on anytime soon :sick:
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kamilove5   Sure nib I just need ur skin
kamilove5   Nvm I got it :sick:
tehepicgamerkid   Hey! Kami I really like this. But could you tell me what program you used and what you do to get the effect at 1:18 I'd like it for my speedarts going on.
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