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Kfishproductioni miss u guys :(
Kfishproduction   very much ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Kfishproduction   ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Kami<3 The Krazy Chick"found out im not human, i was never human unless your talking about 3 days after i was born... My parents, my REAL parents were killed... i found out i was a princess, but i don't wanna be. i want to leave this dumb town and never come back!.... but.... i cant survive in sunlight...."

~Jayla 1895
BossRoss79   ok....
[Member] Bigcat10101010   k
Kami<3 The Krazy Chick   XD ive not said anything for a bit u guys! well here anyways... my page looks like it was dipped in crazy B;P
[Owner] Epic_Epic46 oFor people who are asking, the reason the server is whitelisted is because there's an issue with it being stuck on hardcore mode, even though the server.properties says it's off. Which means if you die, I'd need to delete your playerdata & unban you. If anyone has any idea how to fix this, it would be greatly appreciated. (Note: I've already tried NBTedit)
Kami<3 The Krazy Chick   ur wrong mann
[Member] GokuHagane   u really set up a base already?
Kami<3 The Krazy Chick   yeah but aslong and inventory and echest stay the same im fine with whatever
BossRoss79   created a new thread I quit. Bye guys! <3 in the Introductions & Farewells forum
slushify00this is now enjin, the revenge of the steve skins.
[Member] Bigcat10101010good video game music
Jack Wall - Adrenaline
DOWNLOAD FREE MP3 : http://adf.ly/5473190/jack-wall---adrena...
crafter_ale2005why is it whitelist ?
Solid_Snake3Yo G can I be whitelisted on the server?
Solid_Snake3What the hell? This masonisgod guy is a community owner. Not bad, I know. But I looked at the forums, and holy crap everything is an exact mirror of this website.
[Member] GokuHaganeY is the new server in hardcore mode? i want to respawn
[Member] Bigcat10101010is my gamer pic up to date now? thank god..
[Owner] Epic_Epic46 oJust lettin peeps know, I'm not going to be on very much from now until next week friday. Got them finals
[Member] GokuHagane   Im gonna be doin the opposite. This is the one time i can play on a weeknight so i can relax for next day's midterm.
Solid_Snake3   Yep, same here Gordon. I'm gonna suck at my US History final Dx
JtagFX   USH is easy brah, got 100 on the final when I took it without studying
slushify00Who here remembers those hackers Kenny and MineXcat?

I bet only the old admins/mods will remember...
pie_chomper   i do i remember when they first joined
[Member] ketchupy   Kenny? Kenny didn't do anything than use client-side hacks... minexat, yes.
dirtbikeninja   they annoyed me
masonisgood x  joined Iancoullahan1
[Founde] Codykillzone   [link]
[Founde] Codykillzone   Even says Ic1 on the post on forum rules
Kfishproduction   lol stupid
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