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noahpass99I nominated Cswee7311
[Admin] cswee7311   I noticed but i was already nominated like 10 hours before that....
SamithehamI have to do the ASL ice bucket challenge thing with my volleyball team today lol
dirtbikeninja   cswee you have the water part so just throw some ice in the air and you're all set
Samitheham   Well i did it and it was cold lol but it was for a good cause :) and it was actually really fun everyone screamed (including me)
lifeproof12   I was nominated by my friend and omg i put a half a tray of ice in cold water and let it sit for like 10 min and it couldn't breathe it was so cold and i was like BISH srsly?!?!!! XD
Sad_Larry97Favorite thing: ability to mine spawners
Lest favorite: the lack of permission to place them
Kfishproduction   created a new thread frist thred evar!!!1!!!111 in the Introductions & Farewells forum
KfishproductionI'm so pantsy
BigCatfinally the regular website is up
dirtbikeninjayay sites back :d
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Seyfried85With the new server up, i would really really appreciate it if i could plz be unbanned, would any staff please do me the big favor of unbanning me, i have been a huge ian fan for as long as i can remember, and its really annoying not being able to play and support, thanks
[Owner] Codykillzone o  SeyFried85 you should be unbanned now
[Admin] cswee7311When life gives you lemons, be happy. It's just Gordon
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ketchupy xThe server will live.
SamithehamYay :)
Keanne2000._. Sweg
[Member] CuriousCatzMember ~(^w^~)
[H-Mod] Solid_Snake3Let's see how well the server does in its second wind.
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[Admin] cswee7311   woah head mod
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