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[Plat] Solid_Snake3Can someone check out my new banner and tell me how it looks? Thanks
[Plat] Solid_Snake3   Click the [link] not the other thing.
[Plat] Lindsey4567my idol everyone don't judge thnk u by
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[Plat] Lindsey4567   no way i thought she was that brunette that played tori's sister damn
[Admin] BossRoss79   -_- You need to see a doctor
[Plat] Lindsey4567   kys
[Mod] LePuggistGuess who might be returning?
Yep, I might be!
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Bigcat10101010   yay :d
noahpass99   Lepuggist who's going to return
kamilove5   YAY!
[Plat] Solid_Snake3potato
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[Member] Kfishproduction   Narwhal
Bigcat10101010   it was edgar
HB_BAM003   joined iancoullahan1
Bigcat10101010great everybody is mad at me now? sad larry is ;(
[Admin] cswee7311   im not
Bigcat10101010   life is cool bug is (maybe) idk if life is sad larry is :(
[Vip] Cool_Bug   Dude I am sorry bug you betrayed our faction
[Admin] cswee7311Its funny cause right when i come on it was all happy until out of no where sad_larry asks kami why she sucks at pvp...
kamilove5   yeah idk y thought not like I care XD
Bigcat10101010Mario Is Mental! :o Dont Belive Me? Watch This Video
Game Theory: Why Mario is Mental, Part 2
Check out more bizarre facts about Mario with MatPat on DYKG...
[Member] KfishproductionCheck chat logs...ban left4gamez....reason:racism and intentionally trying to get banned
[Member] Kfishproduction   [link]
[Member] Kfishproduction   [link]
[Member] KfishproductionThere's some people who go to this IP: [link] and think its ians server, it isn't. I discovered that when I was in Vegas .
[Admin] cswee7311Whos that sexy at the top of the birthday list
[Member] Kfishproduction   Adoposhrek
kamilove5   every1 do the ADOPOLUS!
[H-Mod] Gabriel1189525Derpy is sexy
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[Member] Derpy_Slender_69I'm member gg lol
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Bigcat10101010   XD
kirbyloganifyguys im allergic to chocolate until my body gets rid of the toxic inside
Bigcat10101010   idk
[Admin] Epic_Epic46My laptop charger broke, I'm at 5% power so i wont be on for a while, kthxby
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Bigcat10101010   k
[Admin] cswee7311   That just happened to me like 2 weeks ago, its a sign D:
[Plat] Nib0rcia_   Ahh shiet thanks for the warning.
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