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Hyperanimefanwen the server is up will i still be a vip (gold)
[Member] KfishproductionDanny I made an unban appeal
[Member] bolshak88EVERYONE HERE IS A KITTEN <3
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[Plat] Nib0rcia_   Thank you!
[Member] Kfishproduction   I'm a fish
[Member] KfishproductionLol kevin post a pic of your noob hut
[Member] Kfishproductiontitna unban plxplxplxplx
[Member] Kfishproduction   Btw I have an appeal alreaey
[Member] bolshak88   if it was a non safe zone its not his fault
[Member] Kfishproduction   It was right outside spawn though
[Member] Kfishproductionnib yor online plz contact admin plxplxplxplxplx
[Plat] Nib0rcia_   Hokeyp bby, just did
[Member] Kfishproduction   anyone contact admin plx
[Member] Kfishproductionomq unban plxs
noahpassgamingFor the soul eater fans
Black Star's Chain Scythe (Soul Eater) - MAN AT ARMS
Which weapon will be next? ► Subscribe! http://bit.ly/AWEsub...
[Member] bolshak88   i am so lost right now
[Member] dirtbikeninjaRIP my wolf
approx. 8:35 p.m. to 8:50 p.m. :cry:
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[Member] dirtbikeninja   *skeleton
[Member] Kfishproduction   Omg mcmmo wolfs have a name above it, which was pretty annoying so I got them to breed two dogs then killed the parents because the nametag was visible
[Member] Kfishproduction   I r bad boi
srp625   joined iancoullahan1
ketchupyAnyway, I was on for the few days. I bid you all farewell.
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[Mod] LePuggist   Thanks for all you've done. You will be missed, will some of us will miss you. Including me.
[Plat] cswee7311   What happened? Im so confused right now
srp625omg there was a guy who ate poop and died lolol
[Plat] Nib0rcia_   Are you talking about IRL?? If you are then fuck you, that's just fucking sad, you have no heart. Making fun of someone dying is just fucking cruel.
[Plat] Nib0rcia_Danny banned me???.....Whyy danny?? :'( :'( I didn't grief the PvP arena... I made it.....
Codykillzone   UNbanned
srp625when will i become vip
[Member] dirtbikeninja   its not vip anymore its gold
Hyperanimefan   so that means im a gold
srp625   donated $25.00 to iancoullahan1.
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