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Inspired by a post on some Tumblr blog. ...MY ANACONDA DON'T...
[Member] noahpass99   No just no
[Member] ketchupy xHello Iancoullahan1. <3
Codykillzone   hi
Kfishproductionat lest i dy wihthawihth sweg
slushify00who here plays clash of clans? Just wondering.
Kfishproduction   M8 I do
dirtbikeninja   i used to but then i got bored with it
KfishproductionOn sip of wine, much headcsh, Tim Fr slep.
[Admin] BossRoss79Happy birthday Kfish and Cat!
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CodykillzoneHappy B-Day Cat you are a amazing person
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kamilove5happy b-day mai and kfish and guys It Aint Mah B-day but ill take it since I wont b here for my accual 1 so thx :sick:
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KfishproductionLOL THIS IS WHAT I DID FOR ENGLISH HOMEWORK. Im showing off my vocalubarabrbba7rabraurbayruyry and well gremmar

In the year of 2008, in the great land of Texas, the “Almighty Chuck Norris” sensed that a great evil will destroy the land and punish all those that were Republican. He only told one state, and that was Texas, his home state. He announced to the citizens of Texas, “The liberal, anti-christ, socialist Barack Obama shall release, from the deepest pits of hell, the demons of affordable health care and legalizing abortion to enslave us all. We must defend ourselves from this great atrocity by building a giant wall around the borders of Texas.”. All those who heard the warnings of the Almighty Chuck Norris spread the word and soon all citizens of Texas were hard at work building the “Great Wall of Texas”. Then finally after Obama was elected, he unleashed the evil forces of affordable health care and abortion rights. Everyone screamed in terror as they were given the curse of affordable health care and abortion rights. Various acts of evil were passed such as removing troops from Iraq, allowing homosexuals to serve in the army, crushing George W Bush’s torture policy, and forcing Fox News to find ways to excuse his behaviours while humiliating them using his liberal “logic and reasoning”. The corruptive and false idea of global warming controlled and indoctrinated the minds of the young, as well as his non-patriotic history being taught in our schools. Meanwhile he wastes our time and resources on the despicable idea of renewable energy. The catastrophic terror lasted for 8 years and as everyone suffered from having affordable health care and abortion rights, Texas was safe from this horrendous fury of liberal madness. Then came one day when Fox News announced that it was safe to open the great wall of Texas. The people of Texas can see that the outside world has been ravaged with Obama’s evildoing and were grateful they were warned. Obama’s reign of terror has come to an end and Rand Paul is to replace him with a new and glorious era of endless war in the Middle East and gender wage gap. The people of Texas cheered and bowed down to the Almighty Chuck Norris, thanking him for his warning. They preached,“All hail to the Almighty Chuck Norris, for he saved our souls from the evil socialist Obama.” With the help of the Almighty Chuck Norris and the new president Rand Paul, they worked and toiled for long years to rebuild this nation that was at the edge of destruction due to the actions of the evil socialist Obama. “Cursed be to Obama for he tried to enslave our souls with affordable health care and abortion rights. Shall he be cursed to become the lowest of people. Cursed be to those who supported the evil anti-Christ Obama, for they are corrupt and evil as well.” Eventually everyone died because no one believed in global warming.
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Breeze2975 tag  ok then.. just really looked at the last line XD
Breeze2975 tagHappy Birthday Kfish! :sick:
[Member] Bigcat10101010door knobuh :sick:
dirtbikeninjahappy birthday lefish and kami!
KfishproductionHapy birfday miiiiiiiiiia and lefish and kamipoo
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creepyburito8801there are problems at spawn you can parkour on top of da trees
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