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VulcanRod7Ummm why isn't the server working for me?
[Admin] BossRoss79   um maybe becuase its down?
[Admin] cswee7311Im back
[Admin] BossRoss79   :sick:
[Member] Bigcat10101010   magestic
[Admin] BossRoss79   What server is that?
kamilove5   Das advertising rossalina cant tell chu unless you read ur msgs
kamilove5Hhahahhahahahahahahahaahahaahaa writing something with my friends (u guys) names in it and few famouse youtubers.... umm yeah the bordness was killing me so I deed it
[Member] Bigcat10101010server up?
tehepicgamerkidBonnie has problems.
uh bonnie...?
what have I done... I own nothing and I regret nothing
kirbyloganify   why is bunny acting so wierd
kamilove5   ummm I have been scard for life
[Member] GokuHaganeim laughing so hard right now. i was on a certain youtbers server playing a minigame. i just watched the video and realized i played a game with the youtuber and i didnt notice. *facepalm*
kamilove5   lol luckyyyyyy
[Admin] BossRoss79   Lol who was it???
KfishproductionWhy am I still banned u ming
kamilove5Anybody from antikfish (who now loves kfish) remember that base that was over the ocean? u know like the base after the one with the alarm? I remade it into a glass dome with world edit and made it awesome
Liked this
kamilove5   but breeeezzzzeeee this is da before we pimped it out
Kfishproduction   bootiful
[Admin] cswee7311   I remember building that with mob it took forever
Warchief37I remember the good old days on the server. When I was griefed every 20 minutes. Good times, when I didn't have to spend my minecraft time, playing mini games on Mineplex and the hive. R.I.P Iancoullahan.
[Admin] BossRoss79   Yes, The good old days, 1.6.4 :'(
Kfishproductiondafuq m8 dats my third time
[Member] Bigcat10101010   dwop teh bayss
Kfishproductioncan we advertise world downloads m8
Codykillzone   Banned for 1 day for asking about advertisement more than 5 times to me you know the answer
[Member] Bigcat10101010hallo my favorite pweebs of wife i has cum back fwome da deeade :sick:
Kfishproductiongot mentioned on ians livestream for bad pun: "that was udderly tragic"

then later I said where he goes to school and he said wtf kfish how do you know this
[Admin] BossRoss79   xD
EpicStefano   I missed where you said his school name.
[Member] noahpass99what is the server Ip
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